About Us

The MacLean Funeral Home Swan Chapel, locally owned and operated by Allison and Gail Swan, has served the Island community for over three-quarters of a century.

We are proud to be active, contributing members of our society and have supported numerous organizations including the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the University of Prince Edward Island.

We take pride in being involved in our faith communities, Rotary International, Free Masons and other community based activities.

MacLean Funeral Home Swan Chapel is a proud member of the PEI Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association, Funeral Service Association of Canada, National Funeral Directors Association, Canadian Independent Group of Funeral Homes and the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce.

“The Undertaker”

The midnight hour, the darkest hour
That human grief may know,
Sends forth it’s hurried summons –
Ask me to come – I go!

I know not when the bell may toll,
I know not where the blow may fall,
I only know that I must go
In answer to the call.

Perhaps a friend – perhaps unknown-
‘Tis fate that turns the wheel-
The tangled skein of human life
Winds slowly on the reel.

And I? – I’m the undertaker,
“Cold-blooded,” you’ll hear them say,
“Trained to the shock and chill of death,
With a heart that’s cold and grey.”

Trained – that’s what they call it
How little they know the rest-
I’m human, and know the sorrow
That throbs in the aching breast.

Bennet Chapple