Personalization is a way to show what was meaningful to the deceased. There are numerous ways to demonstrate one’s special qualities, community involvement or occupation.

We are pleased to provide specific ways that can help personalize services for you and your family.

Memorial books and stationary

We personalize each memorial book using photos and themes, that reflect one’s occupation, hobbies, fraternal involvement or meaningful places. These books serve as a keepsake of memories and support, offered during visitation and services.

Service bulletins

Service bulletins not only capture the service details but can also be used to share a piece of prose written by the deceased, an image of artwork they created, a shared recipe of their famous homemade biscuits, a list of their common sayings or even a list of their favourite things.

Tribute DVD’s

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Creating a tribute DVD allows you to gather all those special memories – birth, graduation, weddings, children, grandchildren and all those “every day” moments that are so meaningful. Each tribute DVD is customized with music, reflecting the deceased’s favourite artist, genre or eclectic playlist. A tribute DVD is a cherished memento for the family, months and years after the death.

How families can personalize services


As suggested, music can play an integral role in personalizing services. The choice of selections or artist, the involvement of a family member or friend as the soloist or musician, all serve to personalize the service.


The choice of flowers and their arrangement can also add a personalized detail to the service. The creation of an anchor or horseshoe spray, or even incorporating a toy model to serve as a container for flowers, offers a way to create a unique arrangement.

Memory table

Families often take great solace is gathering items for a memory table. Items can include framed photos, awards, fishing gear, golf clubs, gardening items, homemade quilts, sports jerseys, a nursing cape and hat, just for example.


Often, we associate certain people with a recipe they were known for making, or a favourite type of sandwich they enjoyed. These can also serve as touchstones for personalizing services. Our Morrie Room reception area is used for post-funeral receptions and provides a comfortable setting in which to share memories and enjoy a beverage and other refreshments. Were you known for reaching for an extra chocolate chip cookie? Did you always pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch?

It’s often the little things that create meaning. Our staff is committed to helping you create a personalized service that serves as a fitting tribute for the deceased.