Swan Chapel

The staff at MacLean Funeral Home Swan Chapel are committed to supporting you on your grief journey. 

We recognize the families we care for benefit from continued compassionate and supportive care.

We provide ongoing guidance and support, including assistance in completing federal benefit forms (e.g. CPP Death Benefit) and other estate tasks.

We also provide various programs and events to support your emotional health and social well-being, including our holiday memorial program.

Grief Support

We all experience many types of loss throughout our lives. Each touches us differently and as human beings, we all respond to loss in our own unique ways.

We are here to listen and support you on your grief journey.

We are pleased to provide information and support on grief and bereavement.

If you feel you would like the assistance of a counsellor, please contact us and we will ensure that you receive contact information for professionals in the area.

If you require assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Holiday Memorial Program

We understand that the holidays represent certain challenges for those of us who have lost someone very special. To help provide you with some comfort and support, we are pleased to host an annual holiday memorial program for those families that we have served during the past year.

You will receive an invitation to join us for this very special gathering and to take a moment to reflect on the upcoming holiday season, while remembering your special person.