Purpose & Value of a Funeral

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Purpose and Value of a Funeral

A funeral provides the surviving family members and friends a caring, supportive environment in which to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The funeral provides a healing experience on your journey through grief.
Benefits of a funeral include:

  • A social support system for the bereaved
  • Provides people with an understanding of the finality of death and process of life
  • It helps the bereaved transition to their new definition of life after the death of their loved one
  • Provides a safe and supportive environment for expressing their grief
  • It reaffirms their relationship with the person that has died.
  • It provides the opportunity to say goodbye

The funeral service meets four basic needs:

  • Emotional: It allows you to acknowledge your emotions, receive support from friends and family, share memories of your loved one and acknowledge the shared grief.
  • Physical: the disposition of the deceased, by way of burial or cremation
  • Social: A funeral is a social and historical event that acknowledges the life that has been lived
  • Spiritual: A funeral provides us with the realization that material items do not matter, compared to the precious gift of life. It gives expression to the love felt for the deceased.