Language Matters

Posted by Gail Swan on  March 11, 2018

The past few weeks there has been a great deal of media attention around mental health due to the #MooLetsTalk event and news that a Coroner’s inquest will be conducted following a February, 2010 death in the province. These two events have resulted in numerous press releases, social media posts and news broadcasts. While death should not be something hidden from public discussion or conversed about with hushed tones, we need to be mindful of
How do funeral directors define who they are? We are funeral directors; a handful of less than one hundred funeral service professionals on Prince Edward Island, who provide dignity for the deceased and care and comfort for their families. We are well-trained individuals who invest, not only in continuing education, but ongoing day-to-day learning. The funeral directors of MacLean Funeral Home Swan Chapel abide by a code of ethics, both personal and professional. We are